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Leil Lowndes is an internationally acclaimed writer, motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

Leil Lowndes has given Positive Awareness Charity the authority to share a few excerpts from her most popular book “How to Speak to Anyone”:  92 Little tricks for big success in relationships, published in 1999.

Here are some telephone communication tips:

1. Think of yourself as the star of a personal radio drama every time you pick up the phone.  If you want to come across as engaging as you are, you must turn your smiles into sound, your nods into noise and you must replace your gestures with talk.

2. People perk up when they hear their own name.  Use it more often on the phone than you would in person to keep their attention.  Your caller’s name re-creates the eye contact..

3. Don’t answer the phone with an “I’m just sooo happy all the time” attitude.  Answer warmly, crisply, professionally.  Then after you hear who is calling, let a huge smile of happiness engulf your entire face and spill over into your voice.

4. Whenever you are calling someone’s home, always identify and greet the person who answers.  Whenever you call someone’s office more than once / twice, make friends with the secretary.  Anybody who is close enough to answer the phone is close enough to sway the VIP’s opinion of you.

5. No matter how urgent you think your call, always begin by asking the person about time.  ”Is this a convenient time for you to talk?”

6. If you want to be perceived as conscientious and reliable, leave a short, professional and friendly greeting as your outgoing message.  And here’s the secret:  change it every day.